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The Ontario Ministry of Labour regularly conducts workplace inspection blitzes. Each year the Ministry announces the focus of its blitzes and initiatives and posts the schedules online. However, the individual workplace is not provided advance notice that it will undergo an inspection. The purpose of Ministry inspections is to ensure compliance with employments standards and health and safety.

Employment Standards

The usual safety blitzes are targeted at industries with a history of violations or workplaces with vulnerable workers such as young or foreign workers. The focus is usually on standards regarding:

  • minimum wage
  • hours of work
  • overtime pay
  • public holidays
  • paid vacation 
During the previous employment standards inspection blitz, the Ministry made 103 inspections and reported that 75% of employers were not complaint with the most common monetary violations with respect to public holidays, overtime, and vacation with pay. The Ministry has the power to issue compliance orders and fines.
The next round of workplace employment standards inspection blitzes include the following:

Business Type
Ontario Location
Independent grocery stores
Central East and West
Oct 1/17 to Jan 31/18
Kiosks in shopping malls
Nov 1/17 to Jan 31/18
Professional services – dentists, law firms, etc.
Oct 1/17 to Dec 31/17
Seasonal businesses
Nov 1/17 to Jan 31/18


Health and Safety

The Ontario construction industry can expect the following health and safety blitzes:


Construction Industry
Residential projects
Sep 1/17 to Nov 30/17
Falls- ladder safety
Oct 1/17 to Nov 24/17
Apr 1/17 to Mar 31/18
WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information)
Apr 1/17 to Mar 31/18
“Struck by” hazards
May 1/17 to Mar 31/18
Fall Protection
May 1/17 to Mar 31/18


For more information and to determine if your business or industry will be subject to workplace inspection blitzes or initiatives go to the Ministry’s website.


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Statutory Requirements for Employers in Ontario
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